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We can crack the code

Did you inherit a safe that you don't know the combination to? Do you have an old safe that you've forgotten the code for, or lost the keys too? Not a problem. The experts at Master Key Locksmithing specialize in opening safes quickly by changing the combination to something that only you know. We will get your valuables out quickly and painlessly.


Call us any time of day to get started. We offer you affordable and convenient

services whenever you need them.

Any type of safe

We handle all safe types, from old to new, big to small, and with any type of lock on them. High security lock? No problem. We can even break into those! Call us today to get started.

Need to get into that safe fast?

Call the professionals at

Master Key Locksmithing to have that safe open in the blink of an eye!

Our lock services include:

• Changing unknown combination locks

• Residential

• Commercial

• High security locks

All you need - all in one place

We offer our lock services to both residential and commercial clients. No matter if you need an old safe opened or a high security business safe unlocked, we will be there to get the job done.

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